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Access Statement for Melville Hall Hotel 

This Statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer to all our guests/visitors. 


Melville Hall Hotel is located in the town of Sandown. The property is of standard masonry construction under a part tiled and part flat roof. The property operates as a commercial hotel which includes 30 en-suite bedrooms. The hotel also holds a health spa called Utopia offering general treatments as well as hot and cold food. The hotel has a wet licence with a bar and restaurant. The property also has an outdoor swimming pool and jucuzzi as well as an indoor leisure suite. This consists of an indoor plunge pool, Jacuzzi, infrared detox cabin and sauna. Both indoor and outdoor facilities have an associated pool plant rooms.

Melville Hall has traded as a hotel for over forty years and has been run by the Wells family since 1986. Built in the late 19th Century, Melville Hall was originally known as Summerhill House and was used as the private guest house of Los Altos, once the large country house. Original Victorian photographs of Summerhill House and Sandown are displayed in our public areas. Whilst we aim to meet the needs of all our guests, there are some period features of the building which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility. 

Melville Hall Hotel & Utopia Spa is one of the premier Isle of Wight hotels located in Sandown adjacent to the lush Los Altos Park providing a peaceful retreat hotel yet being only minutes away from the stunning coastline of Sandown Bay and its quaint town.

Queries and bookings are handled by our central reservations office which can be contacted on 01983 400500. Our Reception can be contacted directly on 01983 400500 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For pictures of the hotel please see our website or for Utopia Spa please visit


The Hotel is located on Melville Street in Sandown which is accessible by car, foot, bus or train. 

Our Reservations team can be contacted 365 days of the year on 01983 869000 between 08.00am and 20.00pm. After this time there is an answerphone, messages will be replied to the following morning. Our Reception can be contacted direct on 01983 400500 between 08.00am and 20.00pm apart from when the hotel is closed over the Christmas Period. The same rule applies to Utopia Spa who can be contacted direct on 01983 405848. Enquiries can be made through either the Melville Hall Hotel website or the Utopia Spa website. 

Directions can be found on our website and they are also issued with all booking confirmations which are sent via email. 

Sandown High Street and beach is a 5 minute walk from the hotel, where the nearest shops, restaurants and cash points can be found. There is also a local Zoo, Pier and Dinosaur Museum. 

Sandown Train Station is located at the bottom of Nunwell Street which is also a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Taxis can normally be found outside the station if guests do not want to walk, however, we can help to arrange one if needed. 

Buses run regularly through Sandown. The number 2 bus, number 3 bus and number 8 bus all run directly through Sandown. The bus stop to travel to Newport is located opposite the Rock Shop on Beachfield Road which is a 5 minute walk from the hotel. The bust stop to travel to Ryde is located on Melville Street outside Two Counties Community Care. 

There are several RADAR toilets in Sandown. These are located in the Battery Gardens, Eastern Gardens, along Pier Street, St John’s Road car Park and Yaverland car park. For details of all other public conveniences on the Isle of Wight please see the following website:

There are various hire shops in the Sandown area for either cars or bikes. Please see the following like for more information:

We are happy to accommodate mobility impaired, sight impaired and hearing impaired guests but we do request that this is disclosed at the time of booking to ensure you are allocated to the correct room and that the staff are aware so we can treat guests accordingly.  

We do not have a lift at Melville Hall Hotel and we only have a limited amount of ground floor rooms available. All of these rooms are equipped with a bath and overhead shower. Unfortunately we do not have any ground floor rooms equipped with walk in showers/wet rooms. We do have a ramp so wheelchair access into the building is available, however, there are some period features of the building which might make access difficult for people with limited mobility (e.g. thin corridors). 

If you need to hire mobility scooters or wheelchairs please see the following link:

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities 

We have two gravel car parks which are located either side of the front of the hotel with approximately 20 spaces. One side of the car park is sloped, if a guest has limited mobility and requires a parking space close to the hotel this can be arranged at the time of booking. 

Guests can be dropped off right outside the Hotel entrance and although we have no designated porter, all of our staff are able to assist with luggage.

There is a sign at the end of Melville Street displaying the direction for Utopia Spa at Melville Hall Hotel. The Hotel itself also has the name on the building in large letters which you can see as you drive up to it. 

The hotel entrance is a set of two double doors that open inwards. Access to the hotel is between 07.30 am and 22.00pm. Outside of these hours entry is by an electronic code which all guests are given on arrival at the Hotel. Please be advised that we can only offer a late check-in past 20.00pm with prior notice. 

Arrival & Car Parking Facilities 

All guests can enter through the main entrance which are two sets of double doors that are 160cm/63inches wide. The main entrance is located up three exterior steps which are 15cm/6inches in height and 33cm/13inches in width. There are two exterior hand rails next to these steps. 

As you enter through the main entrance there are two stone interior steps which are 18cm/7inches in height and 33cm/13inches in width. There are 23 spotlights and a large chandelier lit with energy savings bulbs as you enter. Reception is an open area which is carpeted with a large desk measuring 405cm/159inches in length and 92cm/36inches in height. There is a bell on the Reception desk. There is a two seater sofa in the Reception area for guests to sit on as well as a waiting area behind which has 13 seats made up of two seater sofas and tub chairs. 

Should any guests require assistance in their room this is provided by Reception. Guests are offered help with their luggage and a guided tour of the public areas upon check-in, or after they have left their bags in their room. 

The Reception desk is manned between 08.00am and 20.00pm. Between the hours of 20.00pm and 23.00pm the bar supervisor will be able to assist guests with any Reception queries. Between 23.00pm and 08.00am we have a night porter who is available via telephone in case of emergencies. 

Halls, Stairs & Corridors 

There are two separate flights of stairs which guests can use to gain access to the first floor. The main set of stairs is located next to the Reception desk through a set of double doors. These stairs consist of 15 steps that are 13cm/5inches in height and 30cm/12inches in width. The other set of stairs which lead up to the first floor are located along the Spa Treatment Room corridor off of the main Reception area. These also consist of 15 steps and are 18cm/7inches in height and 23cm/9inches in width. There is also a fire door located at the bottom of this flight of stairs which leads out to the front of the hotel. There are 5 exterior steps leading down from the fire escape onto the hotel driveway. The steps are 20cm/8inches in height and 10cm/5inches in depth.

Room 107 is located at the top of the main staircase and then up a further 5 steps which leads to its own individual landing. The steps are 16cm/61/2inches in height and 26cm/10inches in width.  

Room 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 119, 122 and the night porter room is located up 2 more steps round to the left hand side at the top of the main stair case. These steps measure 18cm/7inches in height and 28cm/11inches in width. These rooms are located down two separate corridors up the 2 steps. There is also a fire exit located in Room 109 with a ‘break glass for key’ box outside the room. There are 16 external stairs which leads to the rear of the hotel by the outdoor swimming pool (bottom end). These are 20cm/8inches in height and 25cm/10 inches in depth. 

If you then follow the corridor in front of you and go up a further 2 steps you will reach room 115, 116 & 117. These steps are 16cm/6inches in height and 23cm/9inches in width. There is also another ‘break glass for key’ box for the fire exit in Room 116 which leads to the rear of the hotel by the outdoor swimming pool (top end). These are 23 external steps which measure 18cm/7inches in height and 25cm/10inches in depth. 

Off of the main set of stairs you can follow the corridor around right to gain access to Rooms 123, 124, 125, 126, 127, 128 and 129. Half way along this corridor you can find a flight of stairs which leads to the second floor. This staircase consists of 14 steps which are 18cm/7inches in height and 26cm/10inches in width. This staircase gives you access to Rooms 231, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237 & 238. 

If you follow the corridor round to the right hand side you will gain access to Rooms 231, 233, 234 and 235. There are then a further 4 steps which lead into room 231 from the main corridor. These are 18cm/7inches in height and 26cm/10inches in depth. At the bottom of these steps is a fire door that leads onto an external staircase which brings you onto the flat roof by 109. They are 10 steps which are 20cm/8inches in height and 25cm/10 inches in depth. In case of an emergency evacuation guests are then to follow the second set of external stairs outside room 109 which will lead you to the outdoor swimming pool (bottom end).

If you turn right at the top of the stair case on the second floor you will reach Room 236, 237 and 238. Outside Room 238 there is another fire door which leads onto a spiralling external staircase. This staircase comes out by the back on the hotel by the hotel kitchen. There are a total of 25 steps with a height of 23cm/9inches and a width of 33cm/13 inches (at its widest point). Half way down the spiralling staircase is another fire door. This fire door is located on the first floor outside Room 129. This is the fire door to be used by Rooms 127, 128 and 129 in case of an emergency. 


There are 30 individually furnished bedrooms at the Hotel; all of these are en-suite. There is also an additional room with an en-suite which is for the hotel night porter. 29 of the rooms vary and include either a double bed, king-size bed or twin beds. We only have 1 single room in the hotel (Room 234). We do have three rooms in the hotel that can cater for three people. Room 125 is a larger room with a double and single bed in the same room. Whereas Rooms 129 and Room 238 have a double bedroom with an adjoining single room with a single bed, All bedrooms vary in size, should guests require specific measurements of rooms these can be provided on request. 

All rooms are numbered with a raised brass sign. There are also various brass signs located throughout the corridors directing guests to the hotel rooms. 4 of our rooms (002, 003, 004 & 005) are located on the ground floor of the hotel and are situated down the Spa Treatment Room corridor off of the main Reception area.  The remaining rooms are either or the first or second floor of the hotel. 

All rooms have synthetic duvets and 2 pillows for each guest; a blanket and a spare pillow is available in the wardrobe/cupboard of each room. All rooms have a flat screen television with Freeview, free Wi-Fi, direct dial telephone and tea and coffee making facilities. 

All rooms have an electric fire alarm detector which will set off the main system should there be a fire. It will also be set off by smoke/steam in the room or anywhere in the building. The alarm is a loud ringing sound and guests should follow the fire procedure notice on the back of the bedroom door which will direct them to the nearest fire exit. If guests are likely to require assistance in the event of a fire Reception should be made aware upon arrival. 

There are a range of rooms in the hotel that have steps/slopes in the bedroom itself which lead into the bathroom. These rooms are as follows; 

  • Room 107 has one step from the bedroom to the bathroom which measures 18cm/7inches in height and 26cm/10inches in width. 
  • In Room 108 guests have to step up to the bathroom from the bedroom. The height they have to step up is 18cm/7 inches.  
  • In Room 112 guests have to step up to the bathroom from the bedroom. The height they have to step up is 18cm/7 inches.  
  • Rooms 115 and 116 has a slight slope as you walk through the bathroom door which averages at 20degrees. 
  • In Room 123 guests have to step up to the bathroom from the bedroom. The height they have to step up is 18cm/7 inches. 
  • Our night porter room also has a step up to the bathroom from the bedroom.  The height they have to step up is 18cm/7 inches.

En-suite Bathrooms

All of the hotel rooms are equipped with an en-suite bathroom. Of the 29 bedrooms only 2 have a walk in shower, the remaining 27 bedrooms have a bath with an overhead shower, All of the bathrooms are of a different layout and size, should guests require specific measurements of the bathroom these can be provided on request.

The bathrooms do not have fitted grab rails, however, we do have suction rails available from Reception should guests require them. Bathroom floors are either tiled or laminated. All bathroom are equipped with spa toiletries, a non-slip bath mat and a heated towel rail. 

Rooms 107, 109, 110, 111, 115, 116, 117, 119 and 124 are equipped with a jetted bath tub. Instructions on how to use these are located on a sign next to the bath in each room. 

Room 231 is the only hotel room that has steps within the bathroom. Firstly there are 4 steps down from the bedroom to the bathroom. These measure 29cm/7.5inches in height and 26cm/10inches in width. There are then a further 3 steps from the bathroom floor into the bath tub. These measure 15cm/6inches in height and 23cm/9inches in width.   

Waiting Area, Bar, and Relaxation Lounge

If you walk round to the right hand side of the Reception Desk you will see a waiting area. This area is mainly used by guests having Spa treatment and allows them to complete the necessary forms in comfort. There are 4 double sofas and 5 tub chairs. There are also 2 wooden tables which hold newspapers and magazines. 

If you then walk through the waiting area you will get to the bar. The Festival Bar sits 32 people and has a mixture of double sofas and tub chairs with 10 wooden tables located throughout. The bar is a very bright room as it has 6 glass sliding doors which lead through to the outdoor swimming area. 

Tables and chairs in the bar can be moved around if we have larger groups. Lunch is served in the bar area from 12.00 noon until 17.00. We offer a range of food including sandwiches, salads, paninis, cakes, cream teas and afternoon teas. Menus for lunch are located on the table as well as an allergen list describing the contents of each dish. 

To the far left hand side of the bar through a door is the Relaxation Lounge. This is available to both Spa and Hotel Residents if they would like somewhere quieter to sit and relax. The room is furnished with three double sofas and an armchair, with a glass table in the middle. There is a water dispenser available which provides both hot and cold water. Next to the dispenser is a stand that holds various fruit and herbal teas that are available free of charge. There is also a flat screen television available as well as a magazine rack.   


The Summerhill Restaurant is located off the bar area through a set of double doors. The Restaurant is a very bright room as it has 6 glass sliding doors which lead through to the outdoor swimming area. 

On a typical day there are 26 tables in the Restaurant which are a mixture of both small and large circular tables. The Restaurant is usually set up to cover 64 people. However, we do have larger rectangular tables available and we have the ability to move our tables to accommodate larger groups. We can comfortably sit approximately 90 people in our Restaurant at any one point. 

We offer both breakfast and dinner in the Summerhill Restaurant. Breakfast is served between 8am-10am and dinner between 6.30pm and 8.30pm. Breakfast includes a cold buffet of cereals, fruit, yoghurt, toast and juices with a hot option cooked to order. The evening dinner menu changes daily and all menus can be printed in a larger font if required. The menus are written in English, however, we can translate them to other languages to the best of our abilities upon request. 

We do advise that the hotel should be informed of any dietary requirements 24 hours prior to guests arrival to ensure we can fully cater for their needs. 

Indoor Leisure Suite

Our indoor Leisure suite is open to both hotel guests and non-residents. The facilities are available between 08.00am until 20.00pm. The Leisure Suite is located to the right hand side of the main Reception area through a glass panel door. This leads you into a corridor where you need to go through another door directly opposite to access the facilities. Located in the corridor are two other doors, the one to your left is a public toilet and the one at the end of the corridor to your right is a treatment room. There is also a cold water dispenser in the corridor and a shoe rack to leave footwear. We kindly ask guests to take off outside shoes before entering the Leisure Suite. Glass including crockery, aftershave and perfume bottles are strictly forbidden. 

As you walk into the Leisure Suite there are two unisex changing rooms either side. Both of them are equipped with a walk-in shower, sink and basin, bench and clothes hook. Lockers are available and are located in the main pool area. A deposit will be needed for a key, guests are required to do this at the main Reception desk. 

There is an indoor plunge pool which measures 6.9 metres in length and 4 metres in width. There are 3 steps to enter the pool which measure 30cm/12inches in height and 22cm/9inches in width. The pool is kept at an average temperature of 29c/84f.

Attached to the indoor plunge pool is an oval Jacuzzi which would comfortably sit 4 people. It has a diameter of 1.75 metres. There are also 3 steps to access the Jacuzzi which measure 22cm/9inches in height and 28cm/11inches in depth. There is a hand rail next to the steps to help people get in/out of the Jacuzzi. The Jacuzzi is kept at an average temperature off 36.5c/98f.

There is also a Sauna in the Leisure suite areas as well as an Infrared Detox Cabin. The sauna will comfortably fit 6 people and the detox box will comfortably fit 2 people. 

Outdoor Pool and Jacuzzi 

In the summer months our outdoor pool area is open between 08.00am and 20.00pm. However, in the winter months it is open during daylight hours. To access the outdoor facilities you have to walk round the right hand side of the Reception desk, past the waiting area into the Bar. There are 6 sliding doors that you can use to get to the outdoor area, the frame of the door comes 3 inches off the ground. Glass including crockery, aftershave and perfume bottles are strictly forbidden outside by the pool area. 

There are 4 large tables located around the pool with a total of 20 chairs around them. We also have 8 rocking sun loungers, 4 rattan upright seats with circular coffee tables, 2 swinging ‘egg chairs’ and two rattan ‘love seats’ which sit 2 people on each.

The outdoor pool area measures 10 metres in length and 5.73 metres in width. There are 6 steps to enter the pool which are 15cm/6inches in height and 71cm/28inches in width. The pool is kept at an average temperature of 27c/80f. There is a jet located at the bottom of the pool which is operator by a button on the stand. The outdoor pool is seasonal (April-September).  

The outdoor Jacuzzi is open all year round, it measures 4.1 metres in length and 4.2 metres in width. There are 6 steps to enter the Jacuzzi which are 23cm/9inches in height and 28cm/11 in width. The Jacuzzi is kept at an average temperature of 36.5c/98f. There are buttons to operate the bubbles on the Jacuzzi by the entrance. There is another button next to it which operates the fountain in the centre of the Jacuzzi. You can comfortably fit 12 people in the outdoor Jacuzzi.

Treatment Rooms 

There are 4 treatment rooms and a nail bar located within the hotel. 2 of the treatment rooms are located down a corridor to the left hand side of Reception. The third is located at the bottom right hand side of the corridor leading to the leisure suite and the forth is located on the first floor next to Room 117. We also have a nail bar with 3 manicure stations and 2 pedicure stations located to the right hand side of the main Reception desk. The nail bar is also equipped with a hand basin to fill up the foot/hand baths. 

Treatment rooms are equipped with a couch, heated towel cupboard, hot stones heater and heated wax pot. The far treatment room located along the corridor to the left of Reception also has a separate shower room with a basin. This room is used for treatments such as body wraps and exfoliations where the guest can shower off the necessary products when required. 

Public Toilets 

There is a unisex toilet located in the corridor of the indoor leisure suite. This is available between 08.00am and 20.00pm. It has a tiled floor and wall with a toilet, wash basin, soap dispenser, hand dyer and a sanitary waste bin. 

There are more toilets in the bar area located to the right hand side of the bar. There is a men’s toilet which has three urinals and three toilet cubicles. It has a tiled floor and wall with a toilet, wash basin, soap dispenser, hand dyer and waste bin. 

There is also a ladies toilet, it can also be used by guests with limited mobility. It also has a tiled floor and wall with a toilet, wash basin, soap dispenser, hand dyer and a sanitary waste bin. There is also a drop down toilet support. 

Where we are an adults only hotel we do not have baby changing facilities. All of the toilets in the hotel are serviced several times a day by the housekeeping staff.   

Additional Information

  • There are ‘In Case of Fire’ instructions posted on the back of the doors in each hotel room. 
  • There is Room Browser in each of the hotel rooms detailing the local area including restaurants, shops and NHS facilities. 
  • We offer a washing/drying service for guest’s laundry at £7.50 per load. 
  • Free Wi/Fi is available to all guests in their hotel rooms and public areas. 
  • We are happy to cater for special dietary requests if we re notified at the time of booking. 
  • We can refrigerate prescription medicine for guests in our fridge upon request. 

Future Plans 

We are in the process of a refurbishment plan which started in December 2015 to update the public areas of the hotel. We plan on closing the hotel between 11th-30th December 2016 to have our Restaurant/Bar area redecorated.  

We have an on-going maintenance schedule to update the hotel rooms and en-suite bathrooms.  

Contact Details 

Address:Melville Hall Hotel 

Melville Street


Isle of Wight 

PO36 9DH

Telephone: (+44) 1983 400500

Fax: (+44) 1983 407093

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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About Us - Melville Hall Hotel & Ken Wells

 Celebrating 30 Years of Family Ownership

Melville Hall Hotel Sandown 1986

1986 with newly planted trees

Melville Hall Hotel 30 yrs On

30 years on with fully grown trees

In January 1986 Ken Wells and his late wife Lyn took over as the proud owners of Melville hall Hotel in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.
Lyn Ken Wells with Head Chef Paul McManus Melville Hall HotelThey moved over from Southsea after looking at a few hotels on the island, deciding on Melville after over hearing a couple of ladies discussing their choice of wedding reception destination as having to be at Melville Hall as it was the best hotel…
Back in the day, Melville Hall was a 39 bed hotel with no en-suites but with sinks in every bedroom and a few strategically placed communal bathooms and toilets along each corridor.
Over the years Ken has refurbished the hotel many times catering the trends in place at the time. Spacious public areas with sliding doors that once allowed for functions of up to 300 guests now form treatment rooms and indoor leisure facilities and all rooms now do of course enjoy private en-suite bathrooms!
After a few years of successful trading at Melville Hall Ken went on to purchase the Luccombe Hall Country House Hotel due to its superior cliff top setting and then later went on to buy Chine Court Hotel which he later re-named the Luccombe Manor Hotel. A few years later Ken purchased the Burlington Hotel which, seeing a trend towards luxury self catering breaks, renovated in to 4 and 5 star contemporary apartments. 
Ken’s work is not yet done. Melville Hall is just undergoing yet another refurbishment programme with all Classic Bedrooms being upgraded along with some of the public areas.
Ken is most proud that the hotel continues to be under his families management with daughter Clare, now based at Luccombe Hall in Shanklin, having worked all her life for the family business – starting at a young age by collecting the daily newspapers for the hotel guests in exchange for her pocket money and now being a co-owner. Over the years both of Ken’s sons have spent time working and managing the hotels too and even one of Ken’s 9 grandchildren spent some years working on reception at Melville Hall too.
Noel with Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2015In addition to Clare Ken is delighted that some of his original team from back in 1986 – or thereabouts – are still working for him in some way. The most notable being the ever popular Noel who works behind the bar and assists in the hotel’s Summerhill Restaurant. He was actually working at Melville before Ken! Mary who works as breakfast waitress was also there almost from the beginning as was Pam who is now Housekeeper at Luccombe Hall. Pam’s daughter, Kirsty, was a baby at the time, but later went on to become Assistant Manager to Clare at Luccombe Hall before leaving to start her own family!
With guest feedback a top priority it is no surprise that Melville Hall Hotel has become the first hotel on the Isle of Wight to receive 1000 reviews on Tripadvisor.
How ever many changes Ken has made to his hotels over the years his objective has remained constant: To provide a service that gives you, the guest, an experience to remember…

Reception Melville Hall Hotel 1986

The Reception Foyer & Desk in 1986

Reception Melville Hall Hotel 30 years on

The Reception 30 yrs on + Ken's Granddaughter Jessica on Reception

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