When on holiday on the Isle of Wight you can be active or inactive as you please. Although this garden isle is only small there are so many activities to particpate in.

Red Squirrels
The isle of Wight is a nationally important refuge for Red Squirrels and with over 3000 on the Island, if you look in the right places, you will spot one of these magnificent creatures. Borthwood Copse and America Woods near Sandown is just such a place, along with Los Altos Park, opposite the hotel. They have been spotted basking by our pool, running across the front lawn and even sitting on the front steps of the hotel!

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 Ghost Walks
Paranormal perambulations and the Newport ghost walk was started in 1994 by Marc Tuckey with guidance from Gay Baldwin the author of the ghost story books of the Isle of Wight. Marc and Gay claim the Isle of Wight to be the most haunted in the world with the ley lines covering the Isle of Wight exactly as they do at Stone Henge.

You too, can experience the paranormal on one of the famous Ghost Walks.

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